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Bird Links & Resources

Birds and bird watching are such a huge topic one website could not possibly have it all.

The links and resources below are provided to help you find more bird information and tools.

garden birds
Dedicated to helping garden birdwatchers in Britain and Ireland to identify and enjoy the birds that visit their gardens, and to understand the birds' lives and behaviour.

Bird Links Directory - Listing the best bird sites on the Web.

Buteo Books
Specializing in Ornithology
The largest selection of birding books in North America.
US Fish and Wildlife Service Endangered Species Program.  This site maintained by the US Fish and Wildlife service, is intended as an information source. is dedicated to providing all the best endangered species information, links, books, and publications regarding rare and endangered species.

Bird Fossil Records
A growing number of unusually well-preserved fossil birds are contributing much to our understanding of bird evolution.

The Amazing World of Birds
Welcome to the beautiful, the wonderful, the truly amazing world of birds.

Other bird related links
Animal Corner - Animals are our main interest at Animal Corner. Here is a place where you can learn lots of interesting information about different animals from all over the planet.

Wildlife art prints and posters

Other links

Making bird houses - Campstream

Dinosaur Fossil resources

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