Never Give Up Puzzle.

Click to download your Never Give Up Puzzle
Computer Jig-Puzzles are Fun. Below is a partially done puzzle.
It will include a small picture so you can see what it looks like as you put it together.
  You move the pieces around with your mouse.  The bottom shows a finished puzzle.

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We will add new puzzles periodically so check back.

NOTE:  If you have trouble downloading, or if you get a puzzle that will not run please read the note below.



Read Me if your puzzle does not run.

The file you are downloading is 286 kilobytes.  Sometimes you may only get a partial download to your computer.  If that happens you will see one of two things.

When you try to run the puzzle it says it is corrupt.
When you try to run the puzzle it says it is not a valid 32 bit program.

These both mean you did not get the complete file.  If this happens here is the best way to download the file.

Click on the download link with your right mouse button. Now click on Save Target As. This will let you save the file to a folder on your computer.You should be able to get the full file this way.